Do you want a sent e-mail to be actually read by your customer? We'd like to give you tips to make sure your customers are more inclined to open and read your e-mails.

Everyone knows how useful a good/catchy subject line can be. Just as useful as sending the mail at the right moment and setting the SPF record in the DNS. But also handy to know is that the first sentence/paragraph of the e-mail message can affect the percentage of e-mails read. This first text in your e-mail message is also called a snippet or preheader. When the percentage of read messages is improved, the sender domain is positively valued by the large e-mail providers and messages are less likely to arrive in the spam folder.

Because it is the first text in your e-mail, many mail clients such as Gmail, Outlook and the e-mail client on the iPhone will show this text (or a part of it) immediately after the subject, as a preview in the list of messages.

In i-Reserve you can easily set different preheader messages with template section blocks. These blocks can be included in an e-mail template. This way you can quickly and easily test which "snippet" improves the percentage of read messages. This ensures a better informed customer.

How can TEQA help with this?

  • In a telephone support session we can help you set up preheaders and include them in the e-mail templates.
  • In a workshop we can discuss this subject in more detail and set up a campaign together.

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November 2017