You are looking for software that makes your work easier. But not everyone needs the same solution. i-Reserve is modular in design and easily customisable - you only pay for the modules you need.

Web Bookings

This module allows your customers to make their own online bookings, saving you a great deal of time. You determine which booking process/dialog you wish to use: a calendar, a roster schedule, a search dialog, or even a combination.

Online payments

Using this module, you can link i-Reserve to a Payment Service Provider, such as Buckaroo or Cardgate. This way your customer can easily pay for bookings or subscription fees directly online – saving you work and giving you quicker access to your revenue.


This module allows you to prepare invoices on the basis of bookings. You also have additional functionalities available to you, such as creating partial invoices, merging of draft invoices and creating direct debits.


The SMS module gives you a whole new medium to use. All the actions you normally performed with e-mail, you can now carry out through SMS texting. For example, you can text confirmations or reminders to your customers.


This module allows you to export to your financial administration. The balances are updated immediately. Interfaces are available to REMS, Exact, King, Accountview, Mamut, Snelstart, iMuis and Twinfield.

Punch card

Punch cards can be used to allow customers to pay in advance for multiple lessons or bookings. The most used method is the offer of a punch card with more credit. This means you are actually offering a discount on the purchase of multiple bookings.

Gift voucher

With the Gift certificate module you get a new marketing tool: the use of discount codes. Customers can purchase a gift certificate or you can give away discount codes that can be exchanged online.


Member administration is linked to subscriptions. Do monthly subscription fees need to be paid? With this module you can easily generate monthly invoices for members.


Via a scanner application it is possible to capture the presence of a visitor. Also usable for access control, for example tickets for an event or activity.


i-Reserve can work with commissions. This is often used in sectors where intermediaries are involved. i-Reserve can be used to set the prices for the intermediary, the customer as well as the owner.